Protea Reusable Dish Cover Set

Protea Reusable Dish Cover Set

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This set of 3 reusable dish covers is handmade in Cape Town, South Africa as part of a women's community project to help provide employment to stay-at-home Moms in marginalized areas of the city. 

Made from cotton fabric, these dish covers are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Great for raising dough, covering cooked food, storing, keeping the bugs off, and covering leftovers in the fridge! The elastic around the cover stretches to keep it in place on your dishes. Machine washable.

The set includes 2 round bowl covers and 1 rectangular dish cover
1 Small  Round - Approximately fits a bowl or glass jar of diameter 5.5 in
1 Large  Round - Approximately fits a bowl of diameter 8 to 12 in
1 Large Rectangular - Approximately fits a rectangle dish of 14 in long


Care Instructions
Wash gently in cold water with a mild detergent when needed. If machine washing, wash with similar colors.