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Baobab Batik Fundraiser Totals!

Thanks to the incredible support from all over the world, in partnership with Baobab Batik we were able to reach our fundraising goal, which was to raise enough money ($6,000) to cover basic salaries for all of Baobab Batik's 35 women artisans for the months of April and May, while their workshop was temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

All donations and product sales during the fundraiser came to a grand total of...


All we can say is WOW and THANK YOU for your support! It has been so heartwarming to see people from across the globe coming together during this difficult time to help out (and support small businesses!).

The donations received played a big role not only in allowing the women's salaries to be paid, but also in buying time for Baobab Batik to switch gears to producing face masks, which will provide valuable income during these uncertain months ahead beyond the end of May.

We are so humbled by this outpouring of support! Your generous donations have made a world of a difference to these women, and have allowed a small social enterprise to stay afloat and keep all their staff employed during this crisis.

We are truly stronger and better when we all work together and support one another!


Continue supporting artisans in Africa during this difficult time




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