Our Artisan Partners

All of the products we sell are completely made by hand, with a lot of love. We carefully select the artisan groups we partner with to ensure that each artisan is paid fairly and works in an uplifting environment. 

Currently, we are working with 6 different artisan groups under fair trade guidelines across 3 countries in Africa -- South Africa, Swaziland (eSwatini), and Ghana. These groups collectively employ over 110 people, the majority of them women. Many of the artisans depend on their income from their work with these groups as the sole income for their entire family.

The artisans we invest in are...

  • On average, paid 2-3 times the minimum wage in South Africa for their work.
  • Paid in a timely manner. We pay either upfront for the order we place, or we pay a deposit for the groups for purchasing materials and other costs associated with completing an order.
  • Part of uplifting work communities.
    All of the groups we work with offer other forms of support in addition to earning a living wage, such as access to interest-free loans (often to help pay school fees for their children), special skills training to improve existing skills or learn new ones, personal support, and more.

Read more about the artisan groups we collaborate with...


Batik accessories and home decor


South Africa
Crochet safari animal teddies


South Africa
Handbags and accessories made from upcycled tire inner tubes


South Africa
Cooler bags and handbags made with shwe shwe fabric & recycled materials

South Africa
Baby booties crocheted from wool yarn & leather off-cuts 

Recycled glass handmade beads, DIY kits, and jewelry from Ghana