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Made In Ghana Artisans

Made in Ghana is a sourcing agent committed to fostering ethical business relationships with artisans who produce beautiful, handmade products made largely from upcycled materials.  Our partners receive support tailored to their unique needs in areas such as product design, quality control measures, export processes, international payment processing, marketing, and raw material sourcing with an emphasis on having a sustainable, ethical supply chain.    

Made in Ghana was born out of anger and frustration in response to our founder’s work on the front lines addressing human trafficking and gender-based violence.  Poverty and a lack of economic opportunities, especially in rural areas is one of the root causes of many horrible human rights issues.  We developed a preventative model, partnering with artisans who foster employment and fuel economic empowerment for the people they hire and the communities they work and live in.  When people have reliable employment, children attend school, medical needs are met, and they can live out their dreams and experience life transformation on a personal and community level.

Launching with two of Ghana’s most creative artisans, our collection includes products from Sun Trade Beads and Ahene Pa Nkasa (translated to mean “Quality Speaks for Itself”).  

Our earrings and bracelets are made from upcycled glass and bronze beads that are the perfect addition to any outfit.  DIY bead kits allow you to express your own creativity and are an excellent gift, (it’s never to early to buy stocking stuffers!) and provide a meaningful activity for birthday parties, baby or wedding showers, ladies nights, or even to bring along when visiting someone who is recovering from illness or injury to give you an activity to do together.


Sun Trade Beads

Since 1996, Sun Trade Beads has been a pioneer in the beaded jewelry industry in Ghana.  The founder and creative director, Kati Torda, is known for her iconic, one-of-a-kind, wearable art necklaces and canvas "beadscapes" that communicate rich cultural and philosophical significance intertwined with stunning aesthetic beauty.

Kati's life passion has been to build a business founded on strong values of honesty and generosity, treating suppliers, raw material producers and employees with as much grace and love as her kaleidoscope of customers.  From tourists to diplomats, volunteers to presidents, Kati has a way of welcoming everyone into Sun Trade with warmth and offers a customized shopping experience, providing customers with the opportunity to support over 40 artisan groups from across West Africa.  

One of Kati's greatest achievements has been to preserve the cultural significance of beads, especially in the eyes of younger Ghanaians as they learn and understand the relevance that beads have had historically and in modern times.  Going back to when beads were used as a form of currency in the slave trade, to the more positive use of beads in the generations that followed, beads remain a significant element of Ghanaian culture used to mark life events from the cradle to the grave.  

Sun Trade Beads is co-owned by Vivian, who has been with Sun Trade from the beginning and together they lead a hardworking group of artisans, promoting a spirit of fairness and creativity that values each team member for his/her unique abilities. 


Ahene Pa Nkasa

Established in 2006, Ahene Pa Nkasa was founded as a collaboration between a Canadian, Trish Graham, and Felicia Adaliga, a jewelry and bead designer in Ghana.  In 2012, Felicia became the CEO of the company and employs several dedicated employees.  Known for distinctive multi-strand necklaces, often made with tiny recycled glass beads and a recycled bronze pendant or hook, Ahena Pa Nkasa produces upwards of 150 pieces of jewelry per month.  Their products are sold locally in Ghana and in Europe and we are thrilled to help them reach the North American market to fuel business growth, leading to more sustainable employment.

Felicia established a bead manufacturing and jewelry production center in 2019 and can produce over 1300 strands of beads monthly.  The center has become a popular tourist attraction in Ghana, offering visitors a firsthand glimpse into the process of recycled glass bead making and jewelry production.  Visitors can also participate in bead painting workshops and purchase beads and jewelry from the on-site showroom.