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We're Raising Funds for Artisan Wages

Hi Everyone,

We hope you and your families are keeping healthy and hanging in there during the difficult times we are facing. These are tough circumstances for everyone and we know money is tight, but we are asking our community to come together to help raise funds for one of our artisan groups.

Our artisan partner in Swaziland, Baobab Batik, has had to close down its workshop and 2 of its retail locations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. They made this decision not under government directive, but out of their own concern for the safety of the 35 women that they employ and their families. 

Temporarily shutting down means no revenue streams, and as a result they have had to send all of their staff home on unpaid leave for at least the month of April. Of course, this puts the women they employ in a very difficult position, and this is where we are asking you to step in and help! 

Please considering giving a donation on our GoFundMe campaign or you can help by shopping with us! We have listed a range of Baobab Batik products on our online shop at discounted prices. All proceeds from these purchases will go directly toward wages for the women of Baobab Batik.

If you are able to help support these ladies, any contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

SHOP or GIVE by April 20.

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