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Baobab Batik


Baobab Batik is a social enterprise based in Swaziland, Southern Africa, founded in 1991, offering sustainable work opportunities for women who make batik scarves, home goods, and other accessories. As a fair trade organization, a lot emphasis is placed on creating a nurturing work environment where skills in the batik art form are taught and where individuals can grow and flourish.

Today, Baobab Batik employs 25 women full-time, who earn on average 3.8 times the national minimum wage. These women can also take advantage of benefits like interest-free loans to pay school fees for their children and 3 months paid maternity leave.

The batik process involves tracing a design onto the fabric and applying layers of melted wax inside the lines. The wax dries and the fabric is then dyed according to the colors desired. After the dyeing process is complete, the wax is removed from the fabric to reveal beautiful patterns that are never exactly the same!